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Community Solar




A Community Solar project program provides local renewable power.  The solar project company accepts capital from and provides output credit and tax benefits to their investors. Each state has varying legislation that allows individuals, companies and municipalities to join or participate in Community Solar farms.  When the choice is made to participate, the entity that has subscribed to the solar project will either receive a bill credit or rebate check periodically, reflecting the savings from participating.  This credit/energy savings is the incentive to participate in growing the installed base of solar renewable energy projects. 

Currently, electricity is often generated and then imported from neighboring states or Canada to New England to provide power. Solar provides a local and more affordable electricity option.

Reasons for choosing 

Community Solar Projects

Senergy partners with investment groups in the development of community solar allowing residents within an electric territory to go solar and enjoy instant savings without the installation of panels on their roof or property. There are a few reasons why choosing Senergy could be right for you: 

Individual household solar panel installations can be cost prohibitive.

Many homes do not have adequate roof or land area or sun exposure.

Restrictive building codes, zoning regulations, or homeowner association rules could exist that would prevent solar panel installations on individual houses or in yards.

Community solar project subscriptions are available to many apartment, condominium, and small businesses  that otherwise would not have access to solar power.

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