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Renewable and sustainable energy

Community solar makes it possible for more people to access the benefits of solar power. It allows individuals and businesses to become subscribers and pay a lower price on their electric bill each month. Instead of owning panels or a share of the project, you are just purchasing electricity at a lower rate than you would pay to purchase electricity from your utility.

In addition to the jobs created during both the development, construction and operation of the arrays, Senergy Solar Development arrays create opportunities for companies seeking to open new locations in areas with access to renewable power at a reduced rate.

Stabilizes electric prices and keeps them low over time

The biggest use case for utility-scale is to stabilize electric prices over longer periods of time (20 to 30 years or more). The power generated from solar is far more predictable than fossil fuel costs which fluctuate frequently. It’s a triple threat of offering great economics, grid reliability, and sustainability benefits.

As electricity costs continue to rise and concerns over emissions and pollution mount, utility scale solar power offers a clean, renewable alternative. Solar power is one of the most cost-effective sources of electricity available today, and its ability to generate power at peak times helps reduce electricity costs for all consumers.

Addresses environmental issues 

Meadow habitat is rare in New England but solar projects provide a dual purpose space for renewable energy and species to thrive. Many reptile, pollinator, and mammal species can use solar sites are valuable spaces to nest and forage. Since solar projects are visited infrequently during the growing season for maintenance, they provide valuable habitat for species. 

Additionally, cleaner energy generation means less pollutants in our environment. Once, installed and generating power, a solar array is a static installation: No noise, no lights, no pollutants, and no large moving equipment like a coal mining or oil drilling operation. Besides the visual aspect, solar will not interrupt or influence the activities of residents or animals in the area. We work hard to place projects in a visually unobtrusive setting, screen and setting the projects back from residents.

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